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Founder's Statement

When my 33-year-old brother died on Feb. 1st 2009, I was devastated.  Not only because he was much too young to pass away, but also because he died of pneumonia: a completely treatable condition at his age.  If he’d been given a chest x-ray the condition could’ve been diagnosed and he could be alive.

Accidental deaths happen, but my brother’s death made me acutely aware of some glaring flaws in our health care system.  If my brother had seen a more thorough physician, would he still be alive?  I’ll never know, but the answer is that he quite possibly could still be here.

In my state of frustration and loss, I set out to do "something" that would prevent these accidental/unnecessary deaths.

Hence, I conceptualized   A free service anyone can access to find a quality physician and much more.  If this service had existed prior to my brother’s death, he could’ve made a more educated choice about his physician, and possibly received care that would’ve saved his life. 

This is an online community where people can find doctors and share their experiences.  Similarly doctors and organizations (health care related or not) can share their information and opinions in their own words. 

There are many for profit services that do similar things, but being for profit, they are inherently financially biased.  Unfortunately, many of them are just out to profit on the current state of confusion in health care and don’t actually give accurate/helpful information.

The only way for a service like this to be truly effective is for it to be non-profit.  We are for the people and by the people; a service that will function more effectively than any government or private company could because of our inherent financial transparency.  No one gets special treatment and all get better health care.

Sharing your experiences and opinions on this website will ultimately help all of us and inspire new exciting changes in health care.

I sincerely hope this service connects you to your next good doctor.

Andrew Kaiser

Founder, My Best Friend’s Doctor